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Won't lie the first half of the video is good it's animated so well, fluid in all the right places, erotic, and that the colors/shading are well-balanced. The other half when it's just the Outro is pretty cringe (which I don't say often while others do) because I find the Rap Song to be Out-of-Place & that the Lyrics are confusing to me, the Beats & giving your Patrons some shoutouts were pretty nice though

Overall this was a Good video, just wish it was longer & that the Rap Song could've been at least instrumental.

ZanjiVision responds:

Thank you and I will take your intel with me for the next animation!

Very Trippy, Freaky, & Mesmerizingly Scary-looking... I really dig it.
Art Style/Animation truly stood out on it's own and the Concept of this Masterpiece is executed so damn good.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you!

Well I'll give you a point for effort. I mean you have the right idea but the execution is done poorly. Good try though.

Lewnoli responds:

lol thank you :D the next ones will be better tho, im still learning :3

Okay I gotta admit this was one Wacky & Creepy Cartoon. I love the fact that you went for the Oldie/Classic route with this since I love watching shows like Popeye & Classic Mickey Mouse Shorts yet this has a more Dark/Horror approach which totally fits this Months Theme (October). The Animation is very fluid & has such a Oldie Cartoon Wacky Charm, Art Style is pretty Decent at Best, Music is really good & fits well with the Cartoon Animation, the Black/White (also Gray) coloring is done well-balanced, and it was both Funny n' Comedic. Great Job on this!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you very much!

The Upbeat Melodic Music sounded really good despite it's not the one you intended, the Concept is pretty fun & creative, the Animation is very fluid & smooth, the Art Style is simplistic, & the Action Sequences are done nicely. Great Job!

olbengc responds:

I got frustrated when looking for a substitute for the music, so i'm glad that it worked at the end :p thanks for the kind words :)

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