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Wow mad respect for everyone who worked on this. Many different art styles with smooth & fluid animation, the Tone for it being comedic wise is spot on, and throwing in other familiar characters is just icing on the cake. Spectacular Job on this!

This was outstanding:
- Many different Parody Scenarios
- Many different Art Styles
- Fluid Animation
- Hilarious Voice Acting
- Humor/Comedy is so Raunchy it's Good

This was done well but my only 2 problems with it is that the Scene where Cyborg blasts off Jinx's clothes which I find somewhat off because it looked more like a Huge White Flash ripping off the clothing & considering that I'm pretty sure she can get hurt from that. Sure it sounds I am being too critical or nitpicky about it but that is just something I have to address especially some choice of Dialogue for Cyborg in this Parody which felt flat to me. This is still really well-done nonetheless.

Despite the fact that it does have Tentacles but this is done really well. It's sad that The Modifyers didn't get picked up but luckily it got a parody to gain some recognition. The sound-effects, the music, & dialogue/voice definitely made it as it's own thing. Not many people will like it but I for one really do. I wasn't too huge on the whole Tentacle Stuff but ZONE-SAMA made it somehow appealing for some reason so it makes me imagine I am a Tentacle Monster myself to 'excite' myself watching this. Great Job on these Flash Animations ZONE-SAMA. I especially really like his Teen Titan ones as well.

Really love the way it looks. It's Casual, Simple, Animated Very-Well, the Coloring & Texture is still really good, and the only downside is that it is really short is all.

LOL this was pretty entertaining for this type of scenario. Good Art Style, Superb Animation, Voice Acting is good in this one, & I find the music & sound effects endearing.

This was lovely just for a Short Fan Animation. To me everything is on point:
- Fluid/Crisp Animation
- Art Style is straight out of the Original Source Material
- Dialogue is Decent
- Voice Acting is pretty fine in this

Would love to see more like this.

This was good actually:
- Has an "Ed, Edd, n, Eddy" style/feel to it
- Music is really catchy
- Animation is decent & fluid despite having some iffy/choppy areas

Only 1 Problem to Address:
- It's nice seeing a New World but it lacks for us viewers of to understand the concept of this New World we are seeing. I think this has to be a Mysterious Way to be presented which I can find amusing at times but it would be nice to see a follow-up video to this or there should've been some type of Narrative (Narrator Voice or a Quote) to begin with.

Overall I really liked this. Good job.

LMFAO I'm like "Infinity War who?" because Shrek, Pikachu, & friggin' FRED from Scooby Doo. This was priceless. The music was awesome, no lie.

I see this one is a more dark approach with some funny proportions which makes it stands out on it's own than the previous one. Poor Patrick though he is now in the Other World. Great Job on this one as well.

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