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The Upbeat Melodic Music sounded really good despite it's not the one you intended, the Concept is pretty fun & creative, the Animation is very fluid & smooth, the Art Style is simplistic, & the Action Sequences are done nicely. Great Job!

olbengc responds:

I got frustrated when looking for a substitute for the music, so i'm glad that it worked at the end :p thanks for the kind words :)

I friggin' loved this. I find it more as a Animated Narrative Sit-Com which I find refreshing & the Mature Theme wasn't a let down at all. The voice acting was hilariously done well. I even find the editing stupidly ingenious! Great work!

Wow I may not be into Final Fantasy but this was really great! Fluid Animation, Wacky Art Styles, the Singing is well-done & funny, the Music Video concept is simple at best (meaning I find it good), and the Lyrics are even constructed pretty well to correlate with the Scenes. I applause to everyone who worked hard on this!

This was actually really good. Animation is good, art style is done well, the crossover idea is silly yet cool, & the parody is pretty simple. The voice acting is okay & I think it just lacks some shading. Overall I loved this!

Not bad at all really. The Art Style & Animation may not be that great but it is pretty decent at best. The details on MechaGodzilla was nice but with the Megazord it was somewhat off in my opinion. Action scenes are neat I won't lie but I honestly think the fight should've been between the Dragonzord & MechaGodzilla because I think it would've been more interesting. The Megazord getting help from the Dragonzord was kind of a cheap honestly. Overall this was a Fun Fantasy Parody Match that I find Decent at Best.

Hmm not gonna lie even though I'm a Godzilla Fan I honestly found most of the first portion kind of okay since it just shows Posters/Eras of Godzilla but I did find the Sprite Animation at the end to give it some oomph which was a nice touch. The Music choices are even spot on but I would like to know what is the other Track playing (I know the other 2 are Godzilla's Theme & Blue Oyster Cult's Godzilla Song). Overall this was a Decent Anniversary Godzilla video in my opinion.

This was Stupidly Funny in all honesty. Animation looks decent at best & the somewhat Goofy-Looking Art Style captured the characters in it's own merit. I don't think it's that great but I did have some good laugh out-bursts from this short video.

This was really well-made. I find the use of Voice Samples a bit unnecessary because I find this as it's own thing for it being to capture the "Naruto vs. Sasuke Fight: Prelude" since there was different locations (nice touch by the way) & to choose our own ending. The Action & Sprites Animation are the best thing about this video.

Not bad, it looks really good. The Sprites are well made (most look good but some look a bit off) and captures Naruto in its own way.

I see some references & hearing some noticeable music but it definitely works here. It was actually pretty funny & entertaining. I just think the voices were okay but luckily their expressions totally makes it up for it.

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