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This was not that bad. Got a few chuckles & laughs out of it, the Animation/Art Style does capture the Show, has a nice charm, and the little story was Decent as well. Good Job!

Well I'll give you a point for effort. I mean you have the right idea but the execution is done poorly. Good try though.

Lewnoli responds:

lol thank you :D the next ones will be better tho, im still learning :3

Uh I don't know how to put this... um it's nicely animated I guess but I didn't find it funny & it's too short for my taste. I have more of a WTF Feeling towards this really.

LOL well this was entertaining & kind of surprisingly dark for a Goofy Looking Pokemon Parody. The last part kind of came out of nowhere to me but did made me somewhat laugh. This was really Decent at Best. Nice job!

The Trilogy as a whole was done pretty great. The Plot of it is pretty simple & engaging, Art Style/Animation is really good also that it really stands out, the Coloring/Shading is really well-balanced, and the Tone of the Trilogy was pretty Charming n' Dark. Great job on these!

This was really good honestly. The Art Style is like a blend of The Grim Adventures & SYM-BIONIC TITAN, the Animation was a bit stiff but was pretty fluid, Voice Acting is done so well, and the Concept/Setting for it is actually investing. Hopefully I'll get to see more.

I honestly think that there should have been different or distinctive voices for each of the characters because most of them sound the same. I laughed at some areas but I think it lacks charm & feels hollow. The Animation & Art Style is actually pretty good though. I think it could've gone way better. Overall I thought it was Decent at Best.

Okay this was actually pretty funny in all honesty especially how wacky the Art Style & Animation looks.

Okay I gotta admit this was one Wacky & Creepy Cartoon. I love the fact that you went for the Oldie/Classic route with this since I love watching shows like Popeye & Classic Mickey Mouse Shorts yet this has a more Dark/Horror approach which totally fits this Months Theme (October). The Animation is very fluid & has such a Oldie Cartoon Wacky Charm, Art Style is pretty Decent at Best, Music is really good & fits well with the Cartoon Animation, the Black/White (also Gray) coloring is done well-balanced, and it was both Funny n' Comedic. Great Job on this!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you very much!

Woah this is actually really great! Fluid Animation, Good looking Art Styles, Music sounds so exciting & upbeat, and the Idea/Concept is executed really well.

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