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Yup I gotta be pretty damn honest about this video:
1. The Punchline/Joke of the Video is just simply Stupid because it's just a "Caught me off Guard" Moment.
2. I had my Volume at Level 10 on my TV so the Obnoxious Sound/Music actually made my Left-Ear go on a Momentarily Silent/Buzz that lead to a Minor Headache (No Joke).
3. The Animation was a Waste & Cheap just for Laughs from people who laugh at almost Anything/Everything.
Overall this was terrible, not gonna sugar coat it, it is indeed terrible in my opinion. I apologize for being harsh but I just had to throw it out there.

I honestly find it pretty solid for being a tribute by having High-Quality Visuals, Well-Animated Movement, & Decent Face Expressions especially trying to capture the Characters from the show while being depicted a slightly more Maturely than their actual Age. My only problems with it is that the Animated Movements looks Stiff in Some Areas and that the Climax between Raven & Starfire's Arouse Entrance looked Lackluster I think that some Lewd Wetness on Starfire would've or could've made her Private Area slightly better also to see how Raven herself should've express her Climax a little more to have Lewd Wetness right when Robin climaxed. Overall I think it is a Good Tribute towards Zone Sama's work judging by the effort while I still think it could've been better but it is Good as it is, nice job on adding Easter Eggs by the way.

I honestly don't mind CalArts Style like other people that aside I actually enjoyed watching this. I find it Simplistic, Decent, & Goofy/Creepily Charming. I just think the Wario & Waluigi was kind of Random and Unnecessary to be honest just because Mr. Sneaks now has his mouth differently. Lastly, I'm confused as to why the Title for the Video is a VERSUS Title when the Video has the Real Title that makes more sense than the VERSUS Title considering there's no Real Battle, just a Angry Mob. Overall I liked it nonetheless I just think the Thought Process needs improvement.

Good Animation, Good Editing, & Pretty Decent Presentation for a Loop I just honestly think it could've been a tiny bit more longer like at least 18 to 20 seconds. The music sounds kind of obnoxious to me but I do slightly dig the beats it has going for maybe it's the Voice Over I can't stand. Overall I actually really liked it and it was nice seeing some Fictional Females that I really like shaking their Goods. Pretty damn good job I hope I get to see more like this in the future by doing some Loops/Short-Videos.

I truly loved it. All the Different & Unique Art Styles/Animation are truly fascinating to look at especially how each Interaction have Unique Expressions that truly defines each Specific Interactions. I really admire for all the Hardwork was put in that everyone was involved in. What a Stellar Reanimation Episode to watch I even like the fact the Kirby Episode you & other people choce is an episode about Animation/Cartoons to create some Self-Awareness, very clever.

You did a fine job on this one I honestly think it wasn't as stellar as the second one & that very charming due to the Tone of Atmosphere & a somewhat lack in quality of Animation I mean it doesn't look bad it still holds up well in a way I just think it needs a couple of Touch-ups in some areas. The Parody Animation is overall good but kind of underwhelming. I still really like it nonetheless. I truly think that the scenes with SpongeBob & DoodleBob are Superbly Chilling, Ominous, & Witty.

To be honest I find it better than the first one, pretty damn good job!

Oh my I find this artistically fascinating! The Tone, the Style, the Animation, & the Lewdness are done so well. It truly has a Wicked Erotic Atmosphere & find it both Strange n' Mesmerizing. Overall you did a Great Job!

Yeah I've seen this somewhere else and thought it was pretty damn decent. I'm not too crazy about that Roadhog fellow & his Big Friend but I dig how Tracer was enjoying herself especially how it was executed pretty well despite seeing such a Grotesque Ending. Overall this was well done & I'm glad it's here.

Not too bad, this was really good. Well Animated, Art Style/Designs are well drawn, and some scenes were pretty damn funny. I think the over use of "Boy" for Kratos wasn't that charming nor funny, it came off predictable (which I agree with TheReviewTrickster on). The way you ended it was pretty funny as well.

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