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This went from Creepy to Fascinating then Sad at the end... BRAVO! Man this was really something & really admire the Aesthetics, Details, and how Atmospheric it is. The Animation on this was is Visually Stunning & Well-Balanced as well. Lastly, nice choice of music.

Not too bad at all, sadly I am guilty of already reading it at first hand elsewhere without Dub/Voice-Overs BUT I gotta say the Pacing/Timing and the Voice Acting were pretty decent especially fit well with the Characters. Overall I enjoyed watching it in Video Format and that you guys did a fine job.


Hilarious, on to the point, the Summary of the movie in a Nutshell, & Chuckling Gags.

A perfect recipe to humor us.

Nothing too grand, personally think it came off as Random for the most part but really liked it nonetheless. It was decently funny & can rewatch whenever I am in the mood. Also the Voice Acting & Dialogue was actually spot-on!

The Animation & Voice Acting was really nice but sadly I didn't find it too funny. I think having Velma sounding like Joe Swanson was pretty funny to me and I just think the Dialogue n' Punchlines need some work considering I got lost on the whole "Gary The Pedophile" & the Gag-Shtick with Scooby every time he speaks the other characters just basically stare at him which doesn't hold much substance to me. It's not that bad but wouldn't call it that good either. Effort was put into this yet I just think the execution didn't land for me. Overall this was A-Okay and was a Nice watch to say the least.

All I can say is:

Won't lie the first half of the video is good it's animated so well, fluid in all the right places, erotic, and that the colors/shading are well-balanced. The other half when it's just the Outro is pretty cringe (which I don't say often while others do) because I find the Rap Song to be Out-of-Place & that the Lyrics are confusing to me, the Beats & giving your Patrons some shoutouts were pretty nice though

Overall this was a Good video, just wish it was longer & that the Rap Song could've been at least instrumental.

ZanjiVision responds:

Thank you and I will take your intel with me for the next animation!

Hmm not too bad really just think it needs more going on but hey the context was there & was executed nicely n' weird.

This was so hilariously beautiful. I'mma sleeping good tonight. Nicely Fluid, Weirdly Charming, Toad coming out of the Closet & now knowing that he has raw emotions within him, and that scene of Toad's Fantasy being with Mario is so Shockingly Cute n' Hilarious. Did a great job on this one, you nailed it. Also props to the guy who sang/voice Toad because I bet it was hard for the guys vocals, he did fantastic.

Very Trippy, Freaky, & Mesmerizingly Scary-looking... I really dig it.
Art Style/Animation truly stood out on it's own and the Concept of this Masterpiece is executed so damn good.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you!

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