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I was dying at the "Perfect PB&J Sandwich" Bit LMFAO This was a great Podcast, had a fun time listening to it and for the 2 Coreys you both were pretty funny.

VoicesByCorey responds:

Thanks man! We’re glad you enjoyed the episode! We had a blast recording with NGP! :D

This really sounds relaxing to listen to, I can definitely recognize it to consider be Chill Music. Nice job!

Really dig the beats & how it sounds, it looks like it can be used for Video Game Trailers and/or Video Games themselves especially just listening to it on your MP3/SmartPhone through your earphones to sit back n' relax while tapping your foot and/or finger to the beats. Excellent Job!

This is great I really like how it sounds so nice n' smooth by being Upbeat & Electrifying. I personally think it has a Classic Sonic Music Vibe but definitely enhanced by something that sounds definitely Orchestral. I love it!

PredatorMusic responds:

Thank you so much! Yeah, that is what I was aiming for, a nice orchestral blend with electro-breakbeat. :)

Wow this sounds so wonderfully crafted it's like hearing Angels playing Guitars while the Soldiers play Drums. This sounds incredible man you did a fine job on this.

Kylenorbury responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed

Hell yeah this sounds super badass. Love the Name Title, sick Heavy Metal Rifts, great Beats/Sound it has that Ultimate Showdown feel to it, and I love the fact that it's 5 minutes or seconds. Great Job!

Kylenorbury responds:

Well thanks for the review! I forgot I even made this song

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