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This looks really good. The Art Style captures Rosalina in it's own way but I think it would've been nice to see her Face a little more expressive because it looks generic for my taste. The Coloring/Shading Tone is well balanced & I like how nicely detailed how the Transparent Top looks to see her Bare Breasts. I think it would've been nice to see her in a different pose because I personally think this pose is nothing too new. Overall this is a really good piece.

buttuniverse responds:

boi, your review reminded me of that food critic from that ratatouille movie.
great stuff!

This looks really lovely & great. I really adore how the Art Style looks & seeing Marceline in a Outfit that resembles Morrigan Aensland's Clothes/Design. The Cleavage is really spot-on I must say. Overall, splendid artwork!

Arzonaut responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed her cleavage.

Not bad at all in all honesty, your art style somewhat captures Aigis in this Fan-Art. I'm not too crazy about it but it does kind of pulls it off in it's own way. The Robotic Details are well-done & having a nice Facial Expression. The Coloring/Shading aspect is done nicely. Overall this is good.

gatekid3 responds:

Thanks. geeze, i forgot about this one, i really do need to redraw her sometime soon. I disagree on the shading though, its pretty bad. at the very least, its extremely soft and unfocused.

Looks fantastic honestly. It's great seeing a few details from this piece when it comes to the Evoker, Accessories, & the Face Expression. It truly captures Yukari in this particular Art Style & the Color/Shading aspect is really well-balanced. Yukari is one of my favorite characters from Persona 3.

MarikBentusi responds:

thank you so much!

Hmm you did capture the characters in your own way but they look completely way off to me at least the coloring & how they are grouped together looks decent but overall this looks alright. I just think it needs some improvements, minor adjustments, & shading. I do like how it is just the guys this way I won't lie about that.

Quinnsanity responds:

Haha yeah, I had quite some trouble with most of the boys, I´m thinking of maybe redoing that one someday, see if I can improve on that :D

Hmm... not bad at all really. The Structure of the Body & Details look good but the art itself looks stiff & the pose doesn't look that flexible. The Coloring & Shading is on point I won't lie, it's well balanced really. The choice of clothes actually stand out so that's good. Overall this is Really Decent. The Cleavage is spot on as well.

Old-Abysswalker responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I will try to work on more dynamic poses in the future. Its an area I struggle with a lot.

Hmm the art style is okay but I'm not feeling the way it looks & the coloring looks too bright for my taste. At least some details like the torn clothes, the hair, & the butt area are at least decent. Face Expression also looks a bit off for me.

bxBLAZExd responds:

Yes this is an older one and had some issues i was not aware of or blind too at the time but that's progression lol Thanks for you input though and checking it out.

Bravo on this one. I really admire how the Art Style looks, the Tone & Shading is so good that it has an Atmosphere to it, and the Coloring on this is well-done. I even love the fact you let her kept her Glasses & have a Bikini as a Homage to her Clothes from her Base Form. Lastly, that Cleavage of her Breasts is perfection. Fantastic job on this!

bocodamondo responds:

thanks ^^

Hmm not bad at all. The way she's drawn actually stands out, the coloring on this is well balanced, her expression & pose is somewhat bland to me but at the same it sort of works for this piece if it's meant to look Standard, and it lacks shading to me but does have a little bit of Colored Shade Tone on some areas. Overall not bad. Never thought I see the day that I find her attractive LOL. Decent Job on this.

OddmireAsh responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I was certainly focusing more on the colors and soft shading style on this one. I was using a new drawing program so it felt a bit foreign to me, but gotta practice somehow! I agree with ya on the shading, I could have used some heavier shadows to give her a bit more oomph.

This actually looks really good. Art Style, Colors, Shading, & Expressions are all on point. My only minor problem is that it looks somewhat stiff. Seeing 2 different Shantaes is icing on the cake which I find so endearing. Great job nonetheless.

allcreator responds:

I can understand that. when I was approached to make this I had no idea how I was going to go about it. It may be easy to tell but both models are drawn separately then sort of stuck together. In my opinion I should have pushed the two closer to each-other. or at least made the 1/2 genie hero huggy also. at the time I really had no idea what kind of game 1/2 genie hero was going to be. I thought it may be a prequel and that the little shantae would be younger. so I made her a little antsy about the hug. witch is honestly not to her character in the game. thank you for your input :D

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