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I may not be too crazy with the art style but it oddly has quite a charm in all honesty. You did interpret the characters into this peculiar artwork to stand out on it's own thing. The Coloring/Sketch looks pretty solid & witty. Pretty good job ;)

Piggybank12 responds:

Thank you much! If I get the chance to draw these characters again, I'll admit that I'd probably try to draw them a bit differently next time and polish them up some more, haha. I mostly put this up not only because the sketch got a good reception from friends, but I also found it to still have a weird charm like you mentioned, so I was curious to see what the general response might be.

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to leave your two cents on it! :D

Woah this looks visually gorgeous! All the Details & Art Style actually captures Starfire in its own way. The Body Structure/Design looks superbly well-done from bottom to top. The Coloring/Shading is extremely well-balanced I even like the fact how shiny around the Clothes look. I find the Face Expression kind of adorable in some way especially how vibrant the Hair & Eyes look. I even like the angle/perspective of the Outer Space/Earth Background looks. Overall I consider this as a masterpiece.

HLULANI responds:

glad you like it

Gotta admit the Art Style of this is Visually Striking and I love how the expressions of each character's face carries the same charm from the show. The Coloring & Shading is even phenomenal on this. Great Job!

DonnieDurdunkleton responds:

Thank you!

Oh wow your Artistic Skills are phenomenal on these Art Pieces. I love how you made every aspect cartoon-ish, visually striking, & dark/gritty. It truly fits the situation for these characters. All the details, the coloring/shading, & tone are done perfectly. Keep up the great work!

Sirgagz responds:

Thanks I appreciate your kind words.

This really looks good:
- Art Style looks visually stunning but I find it a tad stiff
- The Coloring/Shading is nicely balanced
- The Lighting Tone is done well with a Comic Book Atmosphere
- The Design looks sort of good but I'm not too crazy about the Torso Area

Overall this is really good. Not too bad at all really.

DidiEsmeralda responds:

Thank GokuXVLegend you very much for your comment.

The Art Style looks stiff to me but it actually looks nice, Details on Battle Damaged She-Ra & Battle Damaged Lion-O are done well, Zombie Blood needs a little more work, the Coloring looks good but I think there should be more Shading, and I like how the Zombies look (kind of Cute yet Scary-looking). Overall I think this is pretty good. Despite not watching the shows (nor being a Huge Fan of them) this art piece makes me appreciate the fact that they exist.

curtsibling responds:

Thanks for that most helpful feedback.

Wow this looks fantastic! The Sketch/Art Style actually captures Black Suit Spider-Man in its own way, the coloring is really good, & the choice for this Pose is great. I love it!

TheExtreamH responds:

why thank you glad you liked it.

This looks pretty good. Art Style is kind of stiff but Decent, Coloring/Sketching is done really nicely to have a Comic Book Atmosphere, & the Design actually captures Nightcrawler. Overall I actually really like it.

SourCherryJack responds:

Thanks, yo

Super Crown + Shantae = Shantette? I'm sold. I love this Design & Art Style of yours it brings out such a Heartwarming Charm to look especially seeing the choice of Colors to be Vibrant. I find her Face Expression kind of endearing really, good job on that. The Shading areas are even well-done. This is a great Fan-Art & a nice take with the Super Crown's powers with Shantae.

mikemichaelmic responds:

Aww thank you!! :D. Im glad ya like it. I was wondering if this mash up was a bit of a stretch but Im glad I did it now.

This looks great:
- Fluid & Smooth Animation
- Coloring/Shading is well balanced
- The Art Style is on point in capturing Zone-Tan in its own way
- The Face Expression is even done nicely

Minor Problem:
- I personally think the Tone is a bit too dark in this and it should've been well balanced but that is just what I honestly think.

Overall I love it, despite my nitpick.

ChrisArmin responds:

Hello there and thank you.
It is a bit dark, isn't it. Thanks for pointing it out; I do run into trouble with colors a lot.. not my strongest part ;P

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