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Wow you definitely pulled off the SMB Super Show Art Style/Design for Rosalina & Luma. I see that your drawing has a nice Fluid-Look & the Coloring is well done. Great job on this piece!

downrightshoddy responds:

Very much thanks

From Top to Bottom you nailed it. Colors/Shading are Deliciously Vibrant, Art Style looks Visually Striking, and the Face Expression is done so well.

Heltuh responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Hmm the Face Expression looks a tad bit off in my perspective but it doesn't look that bad by all means honestly. The Art Style looks fine & fresh out of the oven heck the Coloring/Shading looks somewhat Balanced I think the Shadows/Shading seems a tad bit too much but still looks good enough. Capturing Cammy's Body Structure is on point especially adding some details in different areas such as Hair, Gloves, & Clothes. The background is alright & it's kind of funny how Chun-Li looks being knocked out. Overall you did a very decent job, I like it! I just don't understand why it's Rated M though? It can pass off as Rated T as far as I know it. Again very decent job!

KevinTrentin responds:

Thank you
If I agree with your corrections, especially the face.
In my defense, I was trying a new method for myself
I'm glad you like it!
excellent feedback!

If the Incredibles 2 movie took place in the future Violet could've looked like this. Great Body Proportions as always & capturing the characters in your own merit. Great job!

RavenRavenRaven responds:

Thank you. :D

Not too bad really, she looks kind of stiff but seeing the 3D Perspective Animation is handled well. The Body Structure is done well too especially the coloring/shading. I should let you know that anything shows Sex Appeal, Nudity, & Sex actually falls under Rated M to A, not Rated T. Just letting you know how Newgrounds works.

MeegoArt responds:

Thanks for letting me know. ;)

The Hand Gestures are drawn well crafted especially how you drew her Body/Head Structures, it looks neatly balanced. The Face Expression is really Icing on the Cake considering how well-defined it is also the inside of her mouth is nicely detailed to capture her Lusty Hunger, adding a Heart on her Eye is kind of a nice touch. The Blush, Coloring, & Shading makes her truly vibrant and is well-balanced as well heck the Lighting Tone is just right. The sweat around here isn't too bad which is a plus. The Tentacles in the Background even capture her personality. This is truly a Masterpiece, fantastic job!

Magsama responds:

Thank you very much =) glad you like it

Holy Crap! Okay this is a really great piece, seeing recognizable Fictional Female Icons such as Rouge The Bat, Misty from Pokemon, Majin C21, Kim Possible, and many others. I have never seen a Crossover Lesbian GangBang like this before, you definitely nailed it.Sure this was to commemorate your 1K Followers on Tumbler but I think this definitely belongs in the realm of Newgrounds. I salute you for making this. Fantastic Job!

Nuuds responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words! :D
Perhaps I'll make another one of these for newgrounds one day :)

Not too bad honestly. The Design & Art Style is top notch with a good balance of Coloring/Shading but I'm not too crazy how her face looks in all honesty. Good work on drawing Mavis like this though.

Artrazor responds:

thanks for thee feed back yeah it wasnt what i hoped i never drew 3d characters and their facial structure is rather odd maybe next time ill make it somewhat to more my style

First off I just want to say that I've played Soul Calibur (2, 3, owns 4, used to have 5, & now has 6!) and I love the world that it is. Medieval, Martial Arts, & Pirates that live in a world like Soul Calibur that involves Character Creation so I'm glad to be part of that world. Seigfried, Ivy, Nightmare, Talim, & Sophitia are awesome in my opinion. Seigfried is my Main Style & most interested in. Secondly, seeing this really shows passion towards a Favorite Character from a awesome Franchise/Series. The Details, Coloring/Shading, & Art Style is done really well. You really did a great job on this!

sailormika responds:

omg thank you so much!!! I agree, the characters and the world of SC are really rad! I'm mostly interested in playing Ivy, Seong Mi-na and Seigfried once I get SC6 :) ty again!!!

This looks visually charming I say. The Art Style captures the character from every detail & the Coloring/Shading is well balanced. The Chibi Morrigan even stands out so nicely & looks adorable! I just personally think the Tone of the image should have a balanced lighting because I think it's a bit too light in my perspective. Great job overall though!

SenpaiLove responds:

Thanks man haha I originally was going to leave it with the normal coloring but it still looked bland in my eyes so that's why I added a purple blending mode over them just to spice it up a little.

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