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Oh my god! This is so Visually Adorable, Innocently Charming, & a very unique Crossover/Take on Zelda and Hamtaro. I love the fact that you put Boss as Ganondorf or should I say Ganon-Boss hm? LOL. Last Note: The Coloring & Contrast is nicely Balanced.

GameTimeAsia responds:

Thank You! I worry about colors a lot so I'm glad you think they turned out okay!

This truly brings a tear to my eye, beautiful work of art for The King of Monsters.

SpaceDragon14 responds:

Thank you!

Wow most (or all) of your Artwork is drawn so incredibly well. They are Visually Charming & Expressive especially how it they have a very good Sketch Shading. Keep up the fantastic work good sir.

MrShmoods responds:

Thanks a lot! Personally, I think I went a little overboard with the brightness on this one but I'm glad you like it nonetheless. Thank you for the positive comments, good sir :)

I honestly think it is drawn very well. Really the Art Style & like the way you try to show off his abs. I kinda think his Facial Expression looks odd, it has that Human Structure type of look which makes it both creepy & interesting.

rsartist responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. It was definitely a bit of a struggle trying to draw him in more of a western style but I'm still pretty happy with the outcome.

All I can say is: Beautifully Badass!
The Scenery, The Coloring/Shading, & the Art Style are done so fantastically!

EdoNova87 responds:

I'm really gad you like my work ^^

Good job on sketching out how your OC looks. I really admire the effort you put into your character by drawing several Poses & Expressions to interpret each Action & Emotion. I really dig the Art Style as well.

JWKLvstheUniverse responds:

Thank you so much for the kind feedback! I'm glad ya like my OC and poses, and that I was able to execute the emotions well through the character :>

Holy shit I am impressed. That friend of yours & yourself truly made a Magical Reminisce of Dragon Ball in your Style & Creativity. Every Angle, Color, & Visual Skill is done beautifully. Great job!

Turtle-Arts responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! ^^

Wow this looks adorably awesome. I really like the Simplistic Cartoony look it has going on I mean its nothing too grand but for what is worth it has a Visual Appeal which makes me think people of all ages wouldn't mind if there were stickers like this unless it's those people who want Dark/Gritty Posters all the time. Overall you did a good job.

GameTimeAsia responds:

Thank you. I really wanted to break the kaiju down to their basics and I think I did it fairly well.

Gotta say this is drawn so stunningly like it is Visually Striking of how the Coloring, Shading, & Body Proportions are crafted so nicely. Even the Face Expression is very dead on it makes her so attractive like that. The Breasts are such an eye-candy to look at as well. Great job!

DalleyAlpha responds:

Thank you kindly

*Jaw Drops*
I see that this was very well-drawn & colored so beautifully especially how there are nice details everywhere--oh by the way her ass looks FANTASTIC!--you did a pretty damn great job.

Scrabble007 responds:

Thank you very much dude ^^ I appreciate the feedback
I always try my best to make it as good as possible

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