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I never really like Cream the Rabbit but seeing an Adult version of her like this is truly hot & a way better approach because just Sexualizing her Regular Body to be somewhat accurate from the Original Source Material just comes across Unsettling, this however is a bit more appropriate. I think there should've been other Additional Touches just to stand out little more in my perspective. The Figure/Design looks Visually Appealing and the Coloring/Shading is on point. Bravo on this piece ;)

Okay this looks badass & sexy. Your Art Style has a sense of Charm & Appeal, the drawing itself has a Punk Attitude vibe which I see it in a good way. The Lines may be too thick butt I think it definitely works. Seeing Bulma holding a Gun while wearing that Bunny Suit is really pleasing in my eyes especially how the Pose looks Visually Stunning. Great Job on this!

Damn Shad this is actually Heart Warming... This is a Really Good comic piece. Bravo...

o_o Wow... um... This actually looks really, really, really good. Where do I start?...

- The Perspective View of seeing her Bust Bottom is actually arousing, usually I don't like Big Butts but this is drawn the right way when it comes to a Perspective View.

- The Coloring/Shading is neatly balanced, seeing some Shaded Tone Areas on her Pink Colored Skin actually makes the Drawing have some Vibrant Glow.

- The way the Bare Breasts are drawn are done so nicely as well. Not too big, not too small, just the right size.

- The Face Expression even looks endearing & adorable, the blushing is a nice touch to see her emotion.

Overall this is a great piece of seeing Princess Bubblegum being THICC (sorry but that's how I strongly feel). She isn't my favorite character but this makes me see her in a new light. Again, Great Job!

Holy Crap! Okay this is a really great piece, seeing recognizable Fictional Female Icons such as Rouge The Bat, Misty from Pokemon, Majin C21, Kim Possible, and many others. I have never seen a Crossover Lesbian GangBang like this before, you definitely nailed it.Sure this was to commemorate your 1K Followers on Tumbler but I think this definitely belongs in the realm of Newgrounds. I salute you for making this. Fantastic Job!

Nuuds responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words! :D
Perhaps I'll make another one of these for newgrounds one day :)

Not bad this looks really good:
- Striking Pose
- Nicely Animated (especially when it comes to Face Expression)
- Love the fact that the Devil Parts are Shadows
- Coloring/Shading is well-balanced
Again, looks really good ;)

LOL damn I can't believe the whole FlexTape stuff became a thing. This is a very funny Fan-Art Comic just seeing how the guy comes off creepy in this. Of course the lady looks hot but I'm not into that type of Dark Kinky stuff. Looks great nonetheless!

Wow, okay, um this looks really well done. Good movements from the FanArt/Animation, the Kinky Designs of them are done nicely, and their expressions are endearing. Great Job!

Wow it look's great. Has such an Oldies Anime-like Atmosphere,the Designs & Face Expressions capture the Girls in their own merit (also captures their personalities), the Coloring/Shading is well-balanced, and I love the fact that it has a VHS/TV-like Filter. Truly astonishing!

I will never sell my Marvel Related stuff for now on. This is a really nice Fan-Art of the Legendary Stan Lee. I love how you choose the Classic Variation of the Marvel Characters and how the Art Style looks so charming.

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