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Hmm the Face Expression looks a tad bit off in my perspective but it doesn't look that bad by all means honestly. The Art Style looks fine & fresh out of the oven heck the Coloring/Shading looks somewhat Balanced I think the Shadows/Shading seems a tad bit too much but still looks good enough. Capturing Cammy's Body Structure is on point especially adding some details in different areas such as Hair, Gloves, & Clothes. The background is alright & it's kind of funny how Chun-Li looks being knocked out. Overall you did a very decent job, I like it! I just don't understand why it's Rated M though? It can pass off as Rated T as far as I know it. Again very decent job!

KevinTrentin responds:

Thank you
If I agree with your corrections, especially the face.
In my defense, I was trying a new method for myself
I'm glad you like it!
excellent feedback!

While I may not like MLP I do like Transformers & Good Artwork. I think the Lighting & Colors is a tad bit too bright for my taste but the Art Style/Designs looks phenomenal in all honesty. I even like how the MLP Characters are showing a more Serious Expression than what I usually see from others so their Attitude actually fits well in this piece despite the fact that I strongly dislike MLP so I am giving some credit where credit is due. Even the background draws out such an amazing Atmosphere & especially seeing some Fire/Sparks around Optimus Prime that it makes him look intense n' fearless. I say you did a pretty damn good job on this.

Holy crap this looks friggin' amazing! I gotta say it truly has the Charm/Spirit of the show & loved the way you captured the Characters in your own Art Style. I just wish Mandy & Grim was in this but luckily everything else holds up super nicely. The Coloring is on point especially when it comes to Face Expression & Details. The Shading/Lighting is also well-balanced. Overall, superb skills!

One of my most favorite Video Game characters that I (in all honesty) see & treat Cammy as a interesting/investing character than as a "Sexy/Hot" character than how I treat my other Favorite Fictional Female characters. Your Art Style & Drawing Skills truly captures Cammy's character when it comes to poses & face expressions/attitude. Even the Coloring is on point. My only minor issues with this piece is that she looks a tad bit stiff like a Standee (again, only a tad bit) & that the Shading needs some more work. Overall this is pretty really good.

Ah I love the Holidays (mainly Christmas). I like how you give X-Mas Raven different Poses & Face Expressions with a Mature-like Body Figure. Very nicely smooth as always. The design of X-Mas Raven looks so charming & pretty attractive. Great job as always!

If the Incredibles 2 movie took place in the future Violet could've looked like this. Great Body Proportions as always & capturing the characters in your own merit. Great job!

RavenRavenRaven responds:

Thank you. :D

Not bad, in fact I like the way most of them look but I pictured the Grotesque Engineer Sister to be chubby & Lucy Loud at least thinn in my perspective. Good job anyways though ;)

Gotta say I find this quite humorous. This truly has a Sense of Old Fashion Style Drawing has a nice Odd Atmosphere. The characters in the Art Piece are well-detailed on each structure such as Clothes, Expression, Hair, & surprisingly the Tone/Setting (I hardly see well-detailed/defined Backgrounds but I finally managed to find one). My only minor nitpicks is that the characters look a tad bit stiff & the Transparency on the Anime Girl, I just think they need a little more work but I think it looks fine as it is. Splendid work, bravo!

Not too bad really, she looks kind of stiff but seeing the 3D Perspective Animation is handled well. The Body Structure is done well too especially the coloring/shading. I should let you know that anything shows Sex Appeal, Nudity, & Sex actually falls under Rated M to A, not Rated T. Just letting you know how Newgrounds works.

MeegoArt responds:

Thanks for letting me know. ;)

The Hand Gestures are drawn well crafted especially how you drew her Body/Head Structures, it looks neatly balanced. The Face Expression is really Icing on the Cake considering how well-defined it is also the inside of her mouth is nicely detailed to capture her Lusty Hunger, adding a Heart on her Eye is kind of a nice touch. The Blush, Coloring, & Shading makes her truly vibrant and is well-balanced as well heck the Lighting Tone is just right. The sweat around here isn't too bad which is a plus. The Tentacles in the Background even capture her personality. This is truly a Masterpiece, fantastic job!

Magsama responds:

Thank you very much =) glad you like it

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