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Woah it looks so damn gorgeous. The Lighting, Coloring/Shading, the Visual Charm, & Art Style is pretty damn amazing. Great work!

Hmm I kinda dig it really. Has a more cartoony look, still looks menacing, & has a decent Coloring/Shading on it. I honestly think the Tail is too thick & Pose/Posture looks kind of off but overall I find it pretty good.

Holy Shit! This has to be the most Gorgeous Adult/Mature Fan-Art of Mina Ashido. The Body Structure/Body Proportions look phenomenally well-balanced, the Lighting is just right, it has so much Charm that makes it Visually Stunning especially how the Face Expression shows emotion, and of course how the Coloring/Shading is top-notch balanced as well. The Setting/Background actually even fits her Bubble Text. Perfect Job! She looks fine as hell like this.

Not bad at all in all honesty. The Body Structure is done well and somewhat Detailed in some Areas yet I think it Lacks a Little Bit of a Visual Charm, the Coloring/Shading is Neatly Balanced, Face Expression is drawn Good but comes off a Tiny Bit Dull in my opinion, and lastly the Pose/Posture looks really well done. You actually pulled it off in making her look Attractive yet it's just missing some Charm & a bit of Emotion but overall I really like it nonetheless. Good job!

Pretty damn good on the Body Proportions as usual. Everything from the Piece looks fine & balanced I just think my only Minor Problem/Nitpick is the Lips because I think it looks kind of off but overall pretty good work.

MeegoArt responds:

Thanks for the comment/critique, glad you like her.

Ooh I love the Pose you did with her Reit9, your Artwork never fails to impress me. I see that her being naked is a little more detailed.

Reit9 responds:

the pose it's just the same of the original card... I barely have credit on that xD

Wow you definitely pulled off the SMB Super Show Art Style/Design for Rosalina & Luma. I see that your drawing has a nice Fluid-Look & the Coloring is well done. Great job on this piece!

downrightshoddy responds:

Very much thanks

Wow it looks superb. It really does have that Classic Anime Atmosphere & a well fluid animation. The The Coloring is even well-done and that Mileena is showing her personality through Movement/Expression. My only nitpick is the lack of shading, everything else looks fine. You did a fine job! ;)

From Top to Bottom you nailed it. Colors/Shading are Deliciously Vibrant, Art Style looks Visually Striking, and the Face Expression is done so well.

Heltuh responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Wow it looks Visually Beautiful! Tweaking Chel to look like a Fairy is a Odd Creative Choice but it does look pretty Charming & Appealing. I like how you changed her ears & have Stunning Details on the Wings. The Art Style/Body Proportion is done so Superbly Well. The Coloring/Shading is even Well-Balanced, I say you did a Great Job!

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