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What a lovely Valentine's Day Fan-Art of these lovely ladies, great work as always. Take it easy dude and wish you plenty of good luck.

Holy Guacamole! I gotta say the Art Style of yours for Harley Quinn is Sublime especially how perfectly balance both the Coloring & Shading are done so well! I also really dig how you captured her Face Expression when it comes to her Insane Mental Intellect and how the Blood looks nicely Smooth n' Spot-On. Overall this is a Masterpiece I must say.

All I can say is: This puts a huge smile on my face!

Never knew I wanted something like this once I saw it

I really like how you captured Baby Yoda's Cuteness in your own Merit. I find it very Charming thanks to the Decent Details & Coloring, I think the Shading in some of the areas you put in could've been way more better but it's forgivable, and the Background gives the artwork a Nice Simplistic Touch. I for one just about to start watching The Mandalorian because of Baby Yoda's latest debut. Good work by the way.

This truly brings a tear to my eye, beautiful work of art for The King of Monsters.

SpaceDragon14 responds:

Thank you!

Wow most (or all) of your Artwork is drawn so incredibly well. They are Visually Charming & Expressive especially how it they have a very good Sketch Shading. Keep up the fantastic work good sir.

MrShmoods responds:

Thanks a lot! Personally, I think I went a little overboard with the brightness on this one but I'm glad you like it nonetheless. Thank you for the positive comments, good sir :)

There should be more Persona 3 Artwork around the Internet, pushing that aside...
The Artwork itself looks beautiful, I really dig the Oldie/Retro Anime Style that you do which is executed pretty damn good. The Details & Expression you put into it is Phenomenal. The Coloring/Shading is nicely Balanced as well.

I honestly think it is drawn very well. Really the Art Style & like the way you try to show off his abs. I kinda think his Facial Expression looks odd, it has that Human Structure type of look which makes it both creepy & interesting.

rsartist responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. It was definitely a bit of a struggle trying to draw him in more of a western style but I'm still pretty happy with the outcome.

All I can say is: Beautifully Badass!
The Scenery, The Coloring/Shading, & the Art Style are done so fantastically!

EdoNova87 responds:

I'm really gad you like my work ^^

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