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Friggin amazing, looks like it can be used as a Wallpaper for Computers/Desktops

Really dig the intense expression, the Green Aura even looks strikingly stunning, and tone of colors fit very perfectly. Great job on the artwork!

I know each character is in their own frame but this is the biggest crossover I have ever seen

Really dig GoGo & Violet's Thicc Hero 4 Designs, they look very distinctive.
The 3D/CG Art Models aren't too bad too look at but I just honestly think that Honey Lemon seems pretty off in certain areas. Overall, pretty good concept.

Pretty funny & cute to look at. Their expressions are on point especially how the colors/shading makes it glow. The art style is very pleasing to look at as well. I'm just not too crazy about the background but I can see why it fits. Good job working on this.

This looks fantastic it looks & feels atmospheric. The Setting/Background that the character is in is truly fitting. The Face Expression is very intense & charming to see. As for everything else it's perfectly nice to see.

Their body figures may be too skinny but it's well drawn:
The Background is a nice touch
The Coloring/Shading is neatly balanced that it brings out a sense of atmosphere
The Faces look stiff but not bad looking really, the eyes & expression are on point

Overall it's really decent & charming, good job.

This is truly magnificent, your artwork is astonishing man. I may not have been commenting/reviewing your stuff for a long while but when I heard about your artwork I consider you to be some sort of legend in a sense.

Aside from that your interpretations on Gaz & Pacifica on making them older is pleasing/alluring to the eye. The Coloring/Shading has been spot-on and well balanced so far when looking at your artwork. The Art Style is really charming & stands out nicely it really brings out a refreshing atmosphere compared to other artwork that I have been seeing. And lastly the expressions you put for them is always a delight & that each face expression is unique. Even if it's just a drawing I see your artwork pretty smooth/fluid and not too stiff looking.

Keep up the great work and hope/wish you to take good care of yourself.

Stellar is the most appropriate word for this Fine Piece of Art/Animation, great job as always.

Oh my god! This is so Visually Adorable, Innocently Charming, & a very unique Crossover/Take on Zelda and Hamtaro. I love the fact that you put Boss as Ganondorf or should I say Ganon-Boss hm? LOL. Last Note: The Coloring & Contrast is nicely Balanced.

GameTimeAsia responds:

Thank You! I worry about colors a lot so I'm glad you think they turned out okay!

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