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Looks fantastic honestly. It's great seeing a few details from this piece when it comes to the Evoker, Accessories, & the Face Expression. It truly captures Yukari in this particular Art Style & the Color/Shading aspect is really well-balanced. Yukari is one of my favorite characters from Persona 3.

MarikBentusi responds:

thank you so much!

Hmm you did capture the characters in your own way but they look completely way off to me at least the coloring & how they are grouped together looks decent but overall this looks alright. I just think it needs some improvements, minor adjustments, & shading. I do like how it is just the guys this way I won't lie about that.

Quinnsanity responds:

Haha yeah, I had quite some trouble with most of the boys, I´m thinking of maybe redoing that one someday, see if I can improve on that :D

This looks pretty good, I love Persona 3. I wish I can watch the Anime Adapted Movies it got. The Art Style looks pretty decent & the coloring/shade is on point I think the faces look kind of bland n' off in my opinion. I think that Persona Title on the piece looks generic though. Overall this is pretty good at least.

Wow this one actually looks really great. Everything about this piece is well-done. The Shading & Pose is the best part of this Fan-Art. You made Towa really attractive!

Hmm... not bad at all really. The Structure of the Body & Details look good but the art itself looks stiff & the pose doesn't look that flexible. The Coloring & Shading is on point I won't lie, it's well balanced really. The choice of clothes actually stand out so that's good. Overall this is Really Decent. The Cleavage is spot on as well.

Old-Abysswalker responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I will try to work on more dynamic poses in the future. Its an area I struggle with a lot.

Great job, really admire the style of this. I just think Judy's face looks a tad bit off but everything else looks really good overall.

Holy crap this looks Retro Gorgeous! Misty from Pokemon, Princess Peach, the girl from Gurren Lagann, and Felicia & Morrigan from Darkstalkers. The Color Palettes & the way they look Pixelated are superbly well done that they truly capture the characters in their own way! Fantastic job on this!

It looks alright I personally think I find it dull because of the Tone & Background especially the way how the expressions look a bit bland. The Coloring & Designs are well done though. Overall this is a Average Fan-Art I see.

Looks fantastic honestly but I think it looks a tad stiff & the white lines around the designs doesn't go with the characters. Overall the Poses & how you capture the characters are superb.

Really admire how the Art Style looks, looks kind of stiff to me but this has really good details & structures on the body. Her face expression actually captures the character's personality from the show.

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