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Holy Crap! I gotta admit you captured Storm perfectly! Every single aspect/detail shows how Storm is supposed to be. I like the fact she looks a bit more attractive in this I must say. The Cleavage is just Icing-on-the-Cake & the Glowing Eyes are stunning. I even appreciate how stunning the Lightning n' Rain Background/Environment looks. You did an astounding job!

The Chin may look a tad off but I actually find the Art Style really good it has a nice charm. You capture Wendy very nicely with top notch smooth details. I love it.

I love how you captured this version of Raven. The Mature Body is on point & showing her lust side has a great atmosphere to it. The Face Expressions with the blush even makes her show such emotion. The Shading/Coloring & Details are done nicely as usual. Keep up the great work Shad.

Wow I really like how you made Leni look more Mature in your Art Style. She does look like she is ready for Christmas, the coloring & the shadow/shading looks balance on this. That is a very nice view of her ass. Great Job on this!

Looks really good, I like the fact that you are using the DB Super Movie variation in this piece but to be honest I just think her Breasts are a bit too big & that her Smile looks somewhat off to me. Everything else looks fine though.

This looks splendid! The Art Style really captures her & looks decently smooth. The Coloring/Shading is nicely balanced as well but my only minor problems is that I think the Eye Pupils look a bit off & that her Right Foot has a somewhat off angle/position. Overall this is really good & seeing her showing off her cleavage is such pleasing to the eye.

Hmm, It looks kind of decent being it's own thing but I honestly think that the Body Structure is completely unbalanced from the Thighs to the Torso & the Arms. Seeing that you were going for a more Muscular Mature Version of Toph I think you can still pull it off in your own Art Style by by improving those 3 areas. The Coloring is okay but I do find the Shading & Face Expression actually pretty good. Overall this is an A-Okay Piece it's not too terrible but it isn't that Good either in my opinion. I also really like Toph as well, she is my favorite character from Avatar.

Woah your Art Style actually captures Rouge The Bat in its own way. I love how the Details on the Mouth & Eyes look. I also appreciate how Busty & Smooth she looks in this. The Coloring/Shading is also well-balanced on the character. The Emerald she is holding even looks well-detailed. Great job on this!

Wow, same thoughts on the Daisy Image but I just want to add that seeing the other Princesses from Nintendo in this Art style really stand out. Especially how you give them different expressions & poses. Great Job!

I actually really like the Design of your OC it looks charming to the eye. The Coloring & Drawing is done nicely and how smooth it is. I personally think the Body Proportion on this is a bit too much but those Boobs do look kind of promising.

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