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Not bad at all, my only complaint is the lack of shading & the Tone of the artwork because I think it needs more balance. Botan actually looks somewhat attractive by wearing these type of clothes & I gotta say the Art Style looks smooth especially how it has its own Charm to it. The Coloring is really great as well. I really like this piece of art.

Wow this is fantastic! Coloring/Shading is perfectly balanced, Art Style is Visually Striking, Face Expression (& Design) really captures the character, & the Attack Pose holds a lot of Tension. I love this! I like you made the Spirit Sword have a more Sunlight Color to it.

This looks Charmingly Stunning! The way you drew Botan looks adorable & captures the character in its own way, the Background/Colors brings a Heavenly Atmosphere to the artwork, and the Shading on the character is well-balanced. Overall, great piece!

This looks pretty good. Art Style is kind of stiff but Decent, Coloring/Sketching is done really nicely to have a Comic Book Atmosphere, & the Design actually captures Nightcrawler. Overall I actually really like it.

SourCherryJack responds:

Thanks, yo

Super Crown + Shantae = Shantette? I'm sold. I love this Design & Art Style of yours it brings out such a Heartwarming Charm to look especially seeing the choice of Colors to be Vibrant. I find her Face Expression kind of endearing really, good job on that. The Shading areas are even well-done. This is a great Fan-Art & a nice take with the Super Crown's powers with Shantae.

mikemichaelmic responds:

Aww thank you!! :D. Im glad ya like it. I was wondering if this mash up was a bit of a stretch but Im glad I did it now.

This looks really great. I find the Face Expression very adorable with the Hearts on the eyes to show some Cuteness Appeal, The Art Style is very charming I actually like the Busty-look around the Design, The Cat-like Details (such as Tail & Ears) are drawn so Smooth n' Fluffy, and the Coloring/Shading is well-balanced in it's own merit. Overall I love it, the Cleavage just catches my attention of how Attractive your OC Kitten. Question: Is "Kitten" the name of the Race for the OC? or is it a name for the OC? If it's the 2nd Question I asked I suggest a New Name, just throwing it out there.

This is really good honestly, your Art Style truly captures Mileena with every bit of detail/aspect but I think it lacks a bit of Shading. I know there is some Shading but I just think it needs to be a bit balanced. Despite that this is still really good nonetheless. I've always loved Mileena despite her Deadly Mouth so I'm glad she looks Hot in this fine piece of Art.

Wow this looks like straight out of a Japan Oldies Poster, every detail is spot-on & captures Godzilla's immense Destructive Nature. Can't believe you did this back in 2009. It still holds up pretty nicely.

This looks really good honestly. Some details like the Teeth, Eyes, & Head Structure are on point in their own merit but my main problem is the Skin. I honestly think it looks a bit more furry than in a more Leather-like approach. I see the details that it is supposed to be his Leather Skin but I just think it comes off more as fur (It might be the type of utensil you were trying to use). I think it's just me but that is the way I see it. This is still really good nonetheless to capture the King Of Monsters, I'm just giving out my honest thoughts is all.

Woah from Childhood to Adulthood, I gotta say your Art Style of Numbah 3 in a more Mature Way is done super well. Body Figure looks well-balanced with some Busty-like proportions, Coloring/Shading is done nicely especially with the Tone of the Image it makes it look balanced, the striking details on the Hair & Sleeve Shirt are pretty crisp, and her Face Expression captures Numbah 3 in its own way. Overall this is a Superb Crisp fine piece of Fan-Art.

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