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I really love how the design looks, I'm glad it's not just a Evil Color Swap since there are many aspects that makes it truly stand-out as an Evil Coco. The Coloring/Shading & Tone of this are done really great. I love this Art Piece! Great Job!

This really looks good:
- Art Style looks visually stunning but I find it a tad stiff
- The Coloring/Shading is nicely balanced
- The Lighting Tone is done well with a Comic Book Atmosphere
- The Design looks sort of good but I'm not too crazy about the Torso Area

Overall this is really good. Not too bad at all really.

DidiEsmeralda responds:

Thank GokuXVLegend you very much for your comment.

The Art Style looks stiff to me but it actually looks nice, Details on Battle Damaged She-Ra & Battle Damaged Lion-O are done well, Zombie Blood needs a little more work, the Coloring looks good but I think there should be more Shading, and I like how the Zombies look (kind of Cute yet Scary-looking). Overall I think this is pretty good. Despite not watching the shows (nor being a Huge Fan of them) this art piece makes me appreciate the fact that they exist.

curtsibling responds:

Thanks for that most helpful feedback.

Wow this is friggin' fantastic! It is very well detailed in this Art Style to capture Tracer, the Coloring/Shading is extremely well-balanced from Top-to-Bottom heck the Blue Glow is even spot-on, & despite being in a somewhat Standard Pose it actually works. I love this fine piece of artwork.

Wow this looks fantastic! The Sketch/Art Style actually captures Black Suit Spider-Man in its own way, the coloring is really good, & the choice for this Pose is great. I love it!

TheExtreamH responds:

why thank you glad you liked it.

This is really good. I love how her Face Expression looks in this Art Style which I find smooth by the way. Her Bare Breasts (also on the Face) has some Decent Liquid Lewdness but I think it could look better honestly & especially I think there is some lack of Shading. The Coloring, Art Style, the nice Eye-Candy Bare Breasts, and Background hold up really nicely. The other two I mentioned just needs to be improved. Nonetheless I love it.

One Word to express this Art Piece: OUTSTANDING!
Every single Detail & Art Style actually captures the Power Rangers in its own merit. The Coloring/Shading is perfectly balanced, each Ranger has their own Fighting Stance/Pose, the Muscles given to them are structured nicely, & I like the fact both 6th Rangers (Green and White) are included together in this Artwork rather than just having 2 Different Art Pieces just to have 1 of them.

Okay this looks friggin' awesome. I really love how the Tone is here with the Smoke/Cloud Details & has a more Egyptian Vibe of how you designed Godzilla like this. The Blue Flare Glow even looks extremely well-detailed as well. The Coloring/Shading is even well-balanced. Great Job on this!

This looks incredibly hot. I love how designed Carmelita in a Kinky-looking Outfit and how she is expressing. The Details of capturing the character in this Art Style is done super well but my only minor problem is the lack of Shading so that way it can look a bit more Balanced. Overall this is really good & I love it.

Not bad at all honestly, I just think the Way Hair & Face Expression looks too stiff for my taste also that the Pose is pretty standard. Everything else just as Details, Coloring/Shading, & Tone is perfectly fine. I like this overall though.

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