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Woah the Art Style of yours is so charming to the eye, Coloring/Shading is done so crisply balanced, the Bikini Design even looks somewhat unique, and every detail captures Tawna in its own merit. She looks stunningly attractive like this, great job!

This looks great! Shading/Coloring is well-balanced, Art Style looks unique & captures the character n' pokemon in it's own merit, the Water looks vibrant, everything looks fluid, & the Face Expression is nicely expressive. I love it!

Oh my god I love how you drew Coco like this! The Coloring/Shading is well-balanced, the Face Expression is really neat, the Breasts look Busty, & the Art Style just captures her in its own merit. Great Job!

Simplistic Cute Design, Adorable Cartoon-ish Face Expression, the Blush is a Nice Touch, Art Style is pretty good, & the Coloring is done nicely I just think it needs a tad bit more shading is all. I really like the way it looks!

Hmm looks Bland & doesn't feel it has any charm, the Coloring looks okay but I think the Skin comes off unnaturally glossy & too clean in my eyes, having Raven doing a Signature Pose on a piece of Furniture is sort of neat but it doesn't bring any type of atmosphere because just looking at it feels hollow, the Art Style isn't too bad honestly I think it just makes the character way too stiff because of how the Line Work looks too bold & overdone, and lastly Raven's face expression comes off too dull in my eyes. Overall I say this art piece is Below Average, it's not completely bad but I think there are a lot of things to be improved on here to at least make it more appealing. I apologize if my review/opinion came off rude.

I really love how the design looks, I'm glad it's not just a Evil Color Swap since there are many aspects that makes it truly stand-out as an Evil Coco. The Coloring/Shading & Tone of this are done really great. I love this Art Piece! Great Job!

This really looks good:
- Art Style looks visually stunning but I find it a tad stiff
- The Coloring/Shading is nicely balanced
- The Lighting Tone is done well with a Comic Book Atmosphere
- The Design looks sort of good but I'm not too crazy about the Torso Area

Overall this is really good. Not too bad at all really.

DidiEsmeralda responds:

Thank GokuXVLegend you very much for your comment.

The Art Style looks stiff to me but it actually looks nice, Details on Battle Damaged She-Ra & Battle Damaged Lion-O are done well, Zombie Blood needs a little more work, the Coloring looks good but I think there should be more Shading, and I like how the Zombies look (kind of Cute yet Scary-looking). Overall I think this is pretty good. Despite not watching the shows (nor being a Huge Fan of them) this art piece makes me appreciate the fact that they exist.

curtsibling responds:

Thanks for that most helpful feedback.

Wow this is friggin' fantastic! It is very well detailed in this Art Style to capture Tracer, the Coloring/Shading is extremely well-balanced from Top-to-Bottom heck the Blue Glow is even spot-on, & despite being in a somewhat Standard Pose it actually works. I love this fine piece of artwork.

Wow this looks fantastic! The Sketch/Art Style actually captures Black Suit Spider-Man in its own way, the coloring is really good, & the choice for this Pose is great. I love it!

TheExtreamH responds:

why thank you glad you liked it.

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