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I like how you made Vados busty in this Art Style but I think it looks kind of stiff & her face expression is somewhat off. The original Bunny Suit actually kind of suits her (um no pun intended). The Coloring & Shading is well-balanced as well.

Woah you truly captured Bowser in this Art Style & the details on the skin are done well. The Coloring & Shading is well balanced as well. Seeing Bowser in this Pose/Position even makes him stands out.

Woah this looks spectacular! The Coloring/Shading is well-balanced & seeing how the Spider-Suit has some vibrant to it. Pose & Spider-Man Logo even captures how Spider-Man looks. Great Job!

It may not be great but I find it Decent at Best. The Art Style needs a little improvement but I still find it somewhat appealing. The Idea/Concept of this Art Piece that consists of familiar characters who have Green Skins is pretty cool really & they do resemble the characters but in a more Mature-look. I personally think the Art Piece needs a bit more shading. Overall this is a Fun Fan-Art that is Average in my opinion.

Woah such an exquisite lewdness of this fine piece of art. Seeing Psylocke in this situation may be a fantasy but it has such a breathtaking Hentai-looking Style. The Details around the characters are spot-on honestly & even the background/setting with its details are spot-on as well. Great job, I find this remarkably arousing.

Woah this looks visually gorgeous! All the Details & Art Style actually captures Starfire in its own way. The Body Structure/Design looks superbly well-done from bottom to top. The Coloring/Shading is extremely well-balanced I even like the fact how shiny around the Clothes look. I find the Face Expression kind of adorable in some way especially how vibrant the Hair & Eyes look. I even like the angle/perspective of the Outer Space/Earth Background looks. Overall I consider this as a masterpiece.

HLULANI responds:

glad you like it

Gotta admit I love how the way she moves. Very fluid, smooth animation, & the coloring is spot-on. Considering she is a Ghost it's fine she doesn't have much shading. I appreciate how made her look mature. Great job as always.

Charming Art Style, pretty colorful, & I like how their expressions look. I just think they look too skinny though. Overall I really think it's good.

Gotta admit the Art Style of this is Visually Striking and I love how the expressions of each character's face carries the same charm from the show. The Coloring & Shading is even phenomenal on this. Great Job!

DonnieDurdunkleton responds:

Thank you!

Oh wow your Artistic Skills are phenomenal on these Art Pieces. I love how you made every aspect cartoon-ish, visually striking, & dark/gritty. It truly fits the situation for these characters. All the details, the coloring/shading, & tone are done perfectly. Keep up the great work!

Sirgagz responds:

Thanks I appreciate your kind words.

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