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I pledge allegiance to the flag (& booty) of the United States of America, to honor our Independence (& Fan-Art/GIFs like this) plus to remember we can live a happy life in this Nation. God bless you Diives & everyone else!

I know I've always loved the Loch Ness Monster but not like thisπŸ˜…πŸ˜³πŸ˜†πŸ˜³

Great job as always & now have New Feelings towards my most favorite cryptid

Well people I got busted... it was nice while it lasted.
This person got me so good that I forgot to pull up my pants, tell my family I'll miss them.
Also is that a Baseball Bat? Because if that is my punishment then I must take it like a man! *gulp*

I don't blame you, I would try to as well LOL
Giving her glasses & a bikini like that makes her stand out so well.

People being mad at a 19 Year Old (later being 20 Year Old) Anime Chick, hating on her design because she looks like a Kid with Breasts with Big Eyes!?

Meanwhile in Valkyrie Drive Mermaid there's a Busty Blonde Tan-ish Chick who looks good to be in her 20s-or-30s but for some unknown reason she is 15!

I second this response, great job as always dude!

Man I can't believe I'm jealous of a Monkey who hangs around with her.
Great job as always TwistedGrim!

Hey, I really like this alot!
Their head shapes are more defining & their face expressions truly stand out!
The clothes they are wearing are way more better than their old clothes when it comes to being omages of their original clothes but with more character & details!
As a KND Fan I approve of this!

One of my most favorite Furry Gals of them all! You drew her really great by capturing her design in the most lewdest way possible. Really wish there was a Sly 5!

This is Hilariously Badass

The Body Proportion isn't too bad
The Coloring/Shading and Contrast seems Unbalanced to me but not too bad
The Background looks Good, the Colors brings out a Decent Atmosphere
My only problem is her Face, it looks way off to me but hey at least you tried I think her Eyes are done nicely but the Face Structure & Expression just needs some work.

Overall I think you did alright/a-okay for the most part, I like the fact you added a Peach Tattoo/Mark on her butt though.

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