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Nothing too grand, personally think it came off as Random for the most part but really liked it nonetheless. It was decently funny & can rewatch whenever I am in the mood. Also the Voice Acting & Dialogue was actually spot-on!

The Animation & Voice Acting was really nice but sadly I didn't find it too funny. I think having Velma sounding like Joe Swanson was pretty funny to me and I just think the Dialogue n' Punchlines need some work considering I got lost on the whole "Gary The Pedophile" & the Gag-Shtick with Scooby every time he speaks the other characters just basically stare at him which doesn't hold much substance to me. It's not that bad but wouldn't call it that good either. Effort was put into this yet I just think the execution didn't land for me. Overall this was A-Okay and was a Nice watch to say the least.

All I can say is:

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Simple, Challenging, and Chillaxing. I really dig it, I actually completed all of the levels

Not gonna lie this has got to be the most "No Game Here" type of game I really love!
This is Unique, this is Humorous, this is Simplistic, and Nicely Atmospheric.

Alrighty then I gave the game a second try and I gotta admit I'm glad I got more enjoyment due to playing the Medium/Normal Mode instead of the Easy Mode. I honestly tried the Easy Mode first which what made me feel so Underwhelmed & find it quite Boring. The other two modes actually made up for the Gameplay, Presentation, & having Simple Fun especially having a much more Charming n' Comfortable Experience. Also like I said before I say the Presentation is pretty damn Appealing. Overall, this is a Fun Average Good game. I'll just play the other 2 Modes and not Easy Mode.

TristanMX responds:

It is of wise men to change their opinion. I'm glad you took a wider look. I did the "easy" mode a couple of days ago because no one seemed to like the medium or hard, and basically nobody had played beyond level 3 on medium mode. Kinda trying to get a wider audience but it seems people are now being misled due to those stages... so I'll polish those "easy" levels a little more. Unfortunately for me, today my PC got wiped out and I'm restoring a backup of the game.. which will delay me a couple of days more to get this back up and running with some improvements... but anyway, fortunately, I had a back up...

Have fun and thanks for playing!

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I was dying at the "Perfect PB&J Sandwich" Bit LMFAO This was a great Podcast, had a fun time listening to it and for the 2 Coreys you both were pretty funny.

VoicesByCorey responds:

Thanks man! We’re glad you enjoyed the episode! We had a blast recording with NGP! :D

This really sounds relaxing to listen to, I can definitely recognize it to consider be Chill Music. Nice job!

Really dig the beats & how it sounds, it looks like it can be used for Video Game Trailers and/or Video Games themselves especially just listening to it on your MP3/SmartPhone through your earphones to sit back n' relax while tapping your foot and/or finger to the beats. Excellent Job!

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Hey, I really like this alot!
Their head shapes are more defining & their face expressions truly stand out!
The clothes they are wearing are way more better than their old clothes when it comes to being omages of their original clothes but with more character & details!
As a KND Fan I approve of this!

One of my most favorite Furry Gals of them all! You drew her really great by capturing her design in the most lewdest way possible. Really wish there was a Sly 5!

This is Hilariously Badass

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