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This went from Creepy to Fascinating then Sad at the end... BRAVO! Man this was really something & really admire the Aesthetics, Details, and how Atmospheric it is. The Animation on this was is Visually Stunning & Well-Balanced as well. Lastly, nice choice of music.

Not too bad at all, sadly I am guilty of already reading it at first hand elsewhere without Dub/Voice-Overs BUT I gotta say the Pacing/Timing and the Voice Acting were pretty decent especially fit well with the Characters. Overall I enjoyed watching it in Video Format and that you guys did a fine job.


Hilarious, on to the point, the Summary of the movie in a Nutshell, & Chuckling Gags.

A perfect recipe to humor us.

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Simple, Challenging, and Chillaxing. I really dig it, I actually completed all of the levels

Not gonna lie this has got to be the most "No Game Here" type of game I really love!
This is Unique, this is Humorous, this is Simplistic, and Nicely Atmospheric.

Alrighty then I gave the game a second try and I gotta admit I'm glad I got more enjoyment due to playing the Medium/Normal Mode instead of the Easy Mode. I honestly tried the Easy Mode first which what made me feel so Underwhelmed & find it quite Boring. The other two modes actually made up for the Gameplay, Presentation, & having Simple Fun especially having a much more Charming n' Comfortable Experience. Also like I said before I say the Presentation is pretty damn Appealing. Overall, this is a Fun Average Good game. I'll just play the other 2 Modes and not Easy Mode.

TristanMX responds:

It is of wise men to change their opinion. I'm glad you took a wider look. I did the "easy" mode a couple of days ago because no one seemed to like the medium or hard, and basically nobody had played beyond level 3 on medium mode. Kinda trying to get a wider audience but it seems people are now being misled due to those stages... so I'll polish those "easy" levels a little more. Unfortunately for me, today my PC got wiped out and I'm restoring a backup of the game.. which will delay me a couple of days more to get this back up and running with some improvements... but anyway, fortunately, I had a back up...

Have fun and thanks for playing!

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I was dying at the "Perfect PB&J Sandwich" Bit LMFAO This was a great Podcast, had a fun time listening to it and for the 2 Coreys you both were pretty funny.

VoicesByCorey responds:

Thanks man! We’re glad you enjoyed the episode! We had a blast recording with NGP! :D

This really sounds relaxing to listen to, I can definitely recognize it to consider be Chill Music. Nice job!

Really dig the beats & how it sounds, it looks like it can be used for Video Game Trailers and/or Video Games themselves especially just listening to it on your MP3/SmartPhone through your earphones to sit back n' relax while tapping your foot and/or finger to the beats. Excellent Job!

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Looks pretty cool, dig the Colors of your friend's OC & you did it with justice. Interpreting his "Purification" Form was an extreme touch since DBXV2 doesn't let us customize Transformations.

AWESOME! I love how you did the Expressions on their Faces and also the Coloring is smooth as hell with a nice Shading in some areas.

Trixie, I'm always down for mostly Trixie

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