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The Infamous Shadman | Reflect on the Past & Live in the Moment

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - December 4th, 2020

Let me get this part out of the way:

I support & respect Legitimate Original Artwork, NOT Traced/Stolen Artwork that's the only thing I can give for Shadman.

However I never liked his Loli & other Fetish type of Artwork, I only really liked/loved some of the stuff I'm into that were Older-Looking Women, Comic Strips, & Badass Versions of my favorite Characters so I'm NOT UNFAVORITING them because they looked really good & are nostalgic to me back when I was in High School (despite having a different account called "DarkSexyLegend" or some shit).

Hear me out when I say that I always knew & had a feeling that the guy was so damn infamous for not only his Artwork but also how he behaves/acts which I try not to be too much of a stick in the mud nor be too attached to the guy that I find to be controversial right off the bat so I just figured it would be best to indeed call him The Infamous Shadman. Not kidding when I say that I strangely admire an Infamous Internet Celebrity. While he did have plenty of artwork I don't like at all that I do find/deem to be questionable he also had a couple of good drawings that did have that Shadman Flare to it that he adds that grittiness, weirdly charming, & sticks out so well than other drawings in terms of Art Style. Later on I did happen to notice that his Art Style was changing in recent years which was kind of hard getting used to yet still turned out well nonetheless. I see he did some very interesting Comic Strips along the way which I couldn't help but admire SOME of them. They either make me go "WTF!? lol" or Surprisingly Charming while others were more of his 'Usual Shtick'.

Flash forward to now and that Celebrities from any form of Entertainment or Website have been changing, getting canceled, retired, etc. Especially when the whole Political Climate increased dramatically for either the best or worst (mostly worst).

I have seen a video from a YouTuber who appeared on Just A Robot's Channel which made me interested to check her videos out then the Controversy came in and she made a statement/stance where I kind of understood where she was getting at yet I was uncertain myself so I had a discussion with a Close Friend of mine who also knew about the Controversy a little bit. We both at least know where we were coming from considering that Shadman was already a Controversial Figure to begin with so we decided to lay it to rest as time goes on. Apparently I can't find the YouTuber's Channel & Twitter Account that were linked in the Video Description of Just A Robot's Channel from where I found her originally sadly, sorry folks.

Then today I watched a brand new video from Turkey Tom (not subbed to the guy by the way, used to though) which made me feel kind of disappointed in Shadman. Yeah I won't lie when I say that I really truly fully do not condone for some of the shit he tried to pull which as a 'Fan' (saying loosely now or Former Fan which ever way) I would say that the whole "Drawing real Kids" did seem to cross the line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvM6j-lkadE I would highly advise to checkout Turkey Tom's Video where YMS (YourMovieSucks) made a very interesting point which is a similar stance where other people like the YouTuber I mentioned before even spoke on that point which I am beginning to agree with a tiny bit more while I for one will still continue not liking nor enjoying such Material/"Fetish" that exists.

To be honest maybe I shouldn't be that disappointed in the guy because if you think about it I say he was trying to be the "Internet's Biggest Troll" who is either a 'Sick-Twisted Person that loves to draw whatever the fuck he wants to express different forms of art' or a 'Regular Person who wants to get a Reaction out of people for Profit'... Maybe both? Who knows because I can actually at least respect he was doing something so unexpected that it makes you question or have a different view of life much more than ever at least that is what I think.

As far as I know it he did pretty much fucked up & cross a certain line which hopefully learned his lesson or that he still continues to this very day behind somewhere else which is why he hasn't been active around Newgrounds, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites (explains alot really). I truly think it's best to leave our good & bad memories in the past with Shadman that we knew in love or hate. To the many people or artists wants to make a name for themselves let us all make the most WISEST DECISIONS in life for the future. Whoever Shadman was he chose to be Shadman and that his time around the Internet has ended (in a sense). As yours truly who used to go by Goku XV Legend a long ass time ago I decided to be, GARCIA XV LEGEND.

Classic GXVL used to have a Goku Avatar who used to weigh around 345 pounds that made videos using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Now I'm a New GXVL, who now shows his face & weigh 192 pounds that makes New Videos by using a Brand New Video/Movie Program. I am just getting started in this New Era.