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"Anatomy" in Fiction

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - May 30th, 2020


Thank god I'm no longer on Twitter but this has to be said:

People like these Uncreative Twats should take their "Anatomy in Fiction" BS somewhere else because Animation & Fan-Art throughout history have been exaggerating Body Proportions for many years as time goes on. I won't ignore & deny there have been some Entertainment & Fan-Art that have used some Realism/Anatomy BUT everyone has their own Unique Style, their own Version, & their own Visual way on how Realism/Anatomy can work in those Fictional-looking Areas.

Typically it's an "Over-sexualized" FICTIONAL Women, puh-lease even Males in Fiction/Fan-Art look exaggerated as well. Best examples are Bruce Timm DC Heroes/Villains (seems like people skipped Leg Day & have Square Upper Bodies), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (damn I'm not gay but those boys are handsome LOL), even Dragon Ball have some Males who look grossly strong (Roshi's Buff Form & Z-Broly), and cartoons/anime who make Kids n' Teens look older than you expect them to be (15? oh no he's 10, 21? oh no he's 16), 25? oh no she's 16). Also did they forget that Hulk can be drawn in many different forms to show how insanely strong he looks? Either Lou Ferrigno Style, Realistic Style, Cartoony Style, Anime Style, etc. Also what about Jessica Rabbit & Betty Boop? they don't have anatomy whatsoever when it comes to Head-to-Body/Body-to-Head.

I'm gonna use the same ass excuse that others use when it comes to Drawing/Animating "well if you don't like the way it looks then draw it yourself if you know Anatomy so well", very dumb/naive for me to say that to them I know but I have been trying to increase/improve my drawing skills as much as I can and I don't even remotely attempt to draw Realistic Anatomy features because of 3 Reasons (You have to be an Expert or very Talented Artist, I strongly prefer to draw Cartoon/Anime-like characters, and I need to study Anatomy if I wanted to do draw like that). Know the ARTIST first by looking through their work BEFORE jumping the gun that they "Purely Over-Sexualized" FICTIONAL characters (not Real People).

I won't deny there are Artists who draw SFW/NSFW Type of artwork because they love to draw stuff like that for the most part than others. Also breaking news Too-Sensitive Gentlemen & 'Know-It-All' Women even some/most Women like that stuff too, not kidding so you aren't defending/saving people so no cookie for the rest of you. Another Breaking News: Nothing is sacred on the Internet so expect alot of Amazing SFW/NSFW Art & Not-So-Amazing SFW/NSFW Art, especially really much more disgusting inappropriate garbage/weird stuff like My Little Pony, The Simpsons, Pokemon, etc. because if you honestly believe that this drawing is the most "Eww"-ish type of content you've seen then you are in for alot worse & come back to the artist by saying "I take my Ew & 'Anatomy' comment back, I'm sorry because I saw worse." Many people will be laughing AT YOU, NOT with you.

P.S. They clearly haven't seen One Piece when it comes to every Gender & Sexuality (the Ladies themselves, some Men, & Ivankov).


P.S. This is a Fine Piece of Art of Black Widow, if DC Super Hero Girls 2019 had a Special Marvel Guest like her for a Crossover Episode than I want to see She-Hulk vs. SuperGirl to happen!