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Does DIGNITY remotely even exists anymore!?

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - May 29th, 2020

As of late I see people doing the most Dumbfounding n' Disgusting type of things just to be "Famous" and/or to defend & justify that person's actions.

Real examples consists of: Licking Ice Cream and putting it back in the Store/Market Fridge, Licking a Toilet Seat as a "challenge", creating an OnlyFans Account to feel "empowered" & "supportive" that is an Adult Website etc.

Where do we draw the line of reaching New Lows of Stupidity by throwing away dignity & pride!? Is it now wrong to be Smart, Mature, & Prideful!?

I may be a foolish person at times but I would never stoop this low on being such a Disgusting Sell-Out who wants to be Famous & "Empower" those to feel somehow good about themselves by using their bodies for money...

WHAT A LOAD OF BULLCRAP! It's not worth it being famous for doing something so stupidly disgusting if I harm myself & others, it's not worth losing some pride just to defend/support someone who sells their body on the internet, and it's not worth a single ounce of DIGNITY to be thrown away!

I know sometimes you've got to swallow up your own pride on some occasions yet that's only when you have Wronged/Betray a Person (someone who is either very close to you, a friend, etc.) in REAL LIFE just to show how sorry they are.

Swallowing up your pride for Fame & Fortune to do such very Dumbfounding/Disgusting is not the right way to get what you want just to make some easy-quick bucks. I'd rather work hard to reach the top by not throwing away my dignity.

As for selling & exposing your own body on Public Internet Sites that is clearly your business n' choice to do so...

But for the people who support their Partners (Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, etc.) who for some reason don't mind that their Partners get paid from strangers by telling that person (your Partner) to do Inappropriate Actions & see it as "empowering" that makes you a pimp in a sense [in accurate terms the people use nowadays "Cuck" & "Simp" comes to mind] so being called that shouldn't be proud/praised at all unless your the type of person who thinks "I don't give a crap what people think of me" then you lost every ounce of respect you have for yourself, in other words no shred of DIGNITY.