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Doing fine...

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - April 23rd, 2020

Despite the current circumstances we are all in I have been keeping myself sane and still trying to live life to the fullest. Helping my family to do chores, remodeling, and clearing out junk we don't need has been a great opportunity. I have been drawing and making new videos for DeviantArt, YouTube, Newgrounds, & Vlare. Vlare is a Video Website Platform like YouTube but way better in terms of Profile Page Customization & being handled by Real People (not robots) heck you can check out their About Us/History Tab that shows you how many changes they went through, I still gotta upload more videos there though just in case YouTube goes way completely downhill for good.

I have a serious case of Sonic Fever thanks to the Sonic Movie because I've been drawing some Sonic Fan-Art, watching multiple shows (Adventures of Sonic & Sonic SatAM on YouTube and Sonic X on Netflix), I even just watched the Original Sonic Anime Movie on YouTube (not kidding), playing Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 on the PS3, I finished playing Sonic Forces on PS4 for Free, and now I'm watching Sonic Related Videos on YouTube from Billiam & other YouTubers like Characters In-Depth. I AM JUST A CASUAL SONIC FAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! LMAO

Sure I'm disappointed that I haven't seen my closest friends & other family members for a while especially going out in public that much but luckily I've been getting a hold of them on my cellphone and/or PS4 through Party Chat just to see how they have been doing. Also using some FaceCam Type of Apps once in a while which puts a smile on my face.

Overall I am doing pretty good so far and not under alot of stress, thank goodness. I wish everyone to be safe, stay healthy, and keep calm. Luckily I haven't been watching the news because the last thing I want is stress, confusion, & headaches so I suggest for everyone to do the same if that's been hurting you, take it easy everyone & let us all unite, not fight each other over pity stuff. I'd rather be Brave, be Sane, and have Faith than Fear to break me down. Screw Fear!