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Why I Hate Lolis/Underage Fan-Art

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - May 16th, 2019

I know I have favorited/listed SOME Fictional Female Characters who in reality aren't really Adults I won't deny that which is why I see/view their Fan-Art Versions as Adults/Young Adults DEPENDING how they are DRAWN. Fan-Artists will admit what Age for the Character are DEPICTED as while some Fan-Artists won't. Shadbase & Reit9 make really good art of drawing Grown Women yet they admit they draw Lolis/Underage crap which I don't approve of even though I follow them which is because I love their Artwork that are Non-Loli/Non-Underage stuff. I like the fact that the Artists (not just those 2 I mentioned) actually make one of my most favorite female characters more busty, taller, & sexy like Raven from Teen Titans (from the show she's 14, in the Fan-Art she LOOKS 18. Emphasis on FAN-ART) so I'm imagining I have Exciting Thoughts of Young Adult Raven, not Teen Raven especially when there's Older Women out there cosplaying as Raven to either look Hot or Badass. What baffles me is that I'm supposed to believe that Lindsay from Total Drama is supposed to be "16" like who in reality looks Hot as a 16 Year Old Girl!? She looks 18 to me in my eyes heck especially in Valkyrie Mermaid that the Big Busty Blonde Chick is supposedly "15" and I'm like bullshit she looks 25 or older while the Red Head Girl actually looks Legitimately 16 guess what she is 16 so how the hell can a 16 & 15 Year Old Girl look like Older Hot Women it makes no sense so how am I supposed to feel about that? It may be their actual Ages but we know they don't look like it. Pushing all that aside of defending my case of Depiction I don't like seeing Lewd Lolis/Underage Fan-Art because it makes me Uncomfortable & Disgusted looking at it like I'm 24 years old, I should be seeing alot of Grown Women (Both Reality & Fiction) not seeing little Kids/Teens in Sexual Acts people at my age shouldn't be looking at that only Teenage Boys should because of puberty. My point is that I want to see Tall/Busty Adult Girls not Small/Flat Underage Girls (again, Both reality & fiction).