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Cream the Rabbit character

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - April 4th, 2019

As a character I don't mind the Innocence she has but just feels like she is just there in the Sonic World for the sake of being cute which I find completely fine despite not fulfilling any Useful Purpose. When it comes to Fan-Art of her being Sexualized by using her Original/Accurate Body it comes off unsettling & the fact she is a Kid grosses me out that someone out there wants to have sex with a Kid Anthropomorphic Animal. All of this is just my personal opinion & belief/moral,it's fine you don't understand my Point of View. @Jaymie-DaggerBark

Comments (5)

@GokuXVLengend But she's just a simple character.

Yeah I know like I said to me she is just there for the sake of being cute, nothing else.

@Jaymie-DaggerBark @GokuXVLegend What makes you think that?

Because that is what i honestly think. There's nothing more for me to elaborate like why ask such question when that i already explained why i think she is just a Useless Innocent character.

@GokuXVLegend But She's not really useless at all.

Only useful in Sonic Heroes but not everything else in my eyes

@GokuXVLegend That's not true.

It's true to me henceforth that is my opinion. It's like you think I'm treating my opinion as 'fact'. Calling a character Useful or Useless is either Subjective or Objective depending how the person looks at it. For me I see her as Useless and nothing else will change my mind.

@GokuXVLegend Whatever you say. Still not true tho.

Again it's just my opinion that I am not treating as fact. If you like her & think/know she's useful that is good on you I for one just don't. Just take good care of yourself though & have a great life (not sarcasm in all honesty).