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The FUNImation Drama needs to END

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - February 14th, 2019

So for the 1st time ever I have a video on youTube that reached over 15 Thousand Views & gained 260 Subs which should sound like a Good Thing but damn it's only because some FUNImation Drama was selling so I just happened to talk about the Topic right on time without even realizing before hand. I only did 3 videos (from Start to Finish). I dropped the topic since Saturday but the FUNImation Drama was still growing because other people just got recently talking about it I bet (only a Wild Assumption) they are only doing it for Ad Revenue and Recognition. I only talked about it because I care about Production Value (such as Voice Acting) being put into my favorite shows. I feel bad for Vic (Broly VA) losing his job unfairly even though I wasn't on his side or on anyone's side for that matter ever since I went in deep on Friday. Who knows he was guilty or not because FUNImation didn't handle the situation the right way. Petitions, Hashtag Movements, & Boycotting won't bring him back. Also threatening & attacking Monica Rial, other VAs, including Fans/Fanboys (who happen to be YouTubers/Commentators) is not acceptable behavior nor is going to bring Vic back. I'm so glad I'm not part of the Anime/Dragon Ball Communities because now they are tearing eachother apart. I'm making this post because I now want this whole nonsense to end at some point. It's also bad timing for me that I started using FUNImationNow to watch 2 Anime I haven't seen before with the dub. The people can boycott if they want to but I won't be changing their mind and they shouldn't change my mind as well. I just want to enjoy One Piece & Yu Yu Hakusho to have a good time, simple as that. So if anyone is gonna call me a shill I'm not, it was just bad timing & I really don't like Ads/Commercials when I try to watch something. I record shows on my Living Room TV and get this I skip those Ads/Commercials. This has been GXVL leaving a post of how I feel.