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GarciaXVLegend's News

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - August 14th, 2019

Alot of things has happened recently: my Home Town had an incident at a Mall & Wall-Mart, been reading my Bible every night before I go to bed, the whole Trump/Gun-Control Nonsense, and me losing weight. I hope America & the World will be Balanced and that I will get my Dream Body in the future. I have been meaning to get a Job and/or go to College yet it seems like I still have to wait apparently. Let us have no worries and sing Hakuna Matata.

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - June 9th, 2019

Right off the bat I am planning to completely disolve the Goku XV Legend name just as GXVL. Sure it is just an abbreviation that I have been using for my Username on every platform but with YouTube in 2020 I will be fully expressing myself of who I am by showing more of my personality especially that my last name is Garcia. I will be removing most of my videos & make my channel look good as new however I will be keeping some of my videos where I don't mention my Username. Right now this is just a Thought Process.

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - May 16th, 2019

I know I have favorited/listed SOME Fictional Female Characters who in reality aren't really Adults I won't deny that which is why I see/view their Fan-Art Versions as Adults/Young Adults DEPENDING how they are DRAWN. Fan-Artists will admit what Age for the Character are DEPICTED as while some Fan-Artists won't. Shadbase & Reit9 make really good art of drawing Grown Women yet they admit they draw Lolis/Underage crap which I don't approve of even though I follow them which is because I love their Artwork that are Non-Loli/Non-Underage stuff. I like the fact that the Artists (not just those 2 I mentioned) actually make one of my most favorite female characters more busty, taller, & sexy like Raven from Teen Titans (from the show she's 14, in the Fan-Art she LOOKS 18. Emphasis on FAN-ART) so I'm imagining I have Exciting Thoughts of Young Adult Raven, not Teen Raven especially when there's Older Women out there cosplaying as Raven to either look Hot or Badass. What baffles me is that I'm supposed to believe that Lindsay from Total Drama is supposed to be "16" like who in reality looks Hot as a 16 Year Old Girl!? She looks 18 to me in my eyes heck especially in Valkyrie Mermaid that the Big Busty Blonde Chick is supposedly "15" and I'm like bullshit she looks 25 or older while the Red Head Girl actually looks Legitimately 16 guess what she is 16 so how the hell can a 16 & 15 Year Old Girl look like Older Hot Women it makes no sense so how am I supposed to feel about that? It may be their actual Ages but we know they don't look like it. Pushing all that aside of defending my case of Depiction I don't like seeing Lewd Lolis/Underage Fan-Art because it makes me Uncomfortable & Disgusted looking at it like I'm 24 years old, I should be seeing alot of Grown Women (Both Reality & Fiction) not seeing little Kids/Teens in Sexual Acts people at my age shouldn't be looking at that only Teenage Boys should because of puberty. My point is that I want to see Tall/Busty Adult Girls not Small/Flat Underage Girls (again, Both reality & fiction).


Posted by GarciaXVLegend - May 13th, 2019

Not gonna lie my NG Profile Page really needed to look more organized because of all the Parodies, Movies, & Fan-Art I have favorite/collected so I decided to build up a couple of Playlists/Files for each Specific Character(s) and Franchise/Series especially the type of Genre. Feel free to take a good look around my Profile Page.

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - April 29th, 2019

I have been building up my Dragon Ball Collection ever since High School Freshman Year and oh boy it's gotten bigger over the years. I just recently bought New Gasha Keychain DB Characters (MUI Goku, Hit, SS4 Gogeta), New DB Super Trunks Funko POP, a New Golden Frieza Mini Art Poster Card, & lastly The Movie Dragon Ball Super BROLY (DVD+Digital). I even been playing SDBH on Switch that I just love playing it, I mention this because I put the case in my collection. I don't ever plan on getting DB Super Anime DVDs because I really dislike the New Series but maybe only getting the Tournament of Power Saga Portion because it was the only Saga I had most Fun with & a complete Mix Bag it was for me. The DB Super BROLY movie is what I honestly thought was Good in my opinion which is why I bought the DVD. I may strongly dislike Bio-Broly, Lord Slug, & Mystical Adventure I just happen to have the Complete Movie Collection Sets for both DBZ & Original DB so I don't think I'm gonna get rid of them especially that one of the Complete Sets have Double Feature DVD Cases. Anyways I'm glad to be a Dragon Ball Fan & will always be proud of it.

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - April 4th, 2019

As a character I don't mind the Innocence she has but just feels like she is just there in the Sonic World for the sake of being cute which I find completely fine despite not fulfilling any Useful Purpose. When it comes to Fan-Art of her being Sexualized by using her Original/Accurate Body it comes off unsettling & the fact she is a Kid grosses me out that someone out there wants to have sex with a Kid Anthropomorphic Animal. All of this is just my personal opinion & belief/moral,it's fine you don't understand my Point of View. @Jaymie-DaggerBark

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - April 3rd, 2019

It's Autism Awareness Month which means it is that time of year again to spread the word what Autism & Aspergers Syndrome really are. I have Autism and have learned my past many mistakes throughout the years so I'll be posting New Autism Log Videos on my YouTube Channel to teach both Regular People & People with Autism to use the type of Common Sense that I have learned the hard way from Real Life Experience & Internet Life Experience.


Posted by GarciaXVLegend - March 20th, 2019

It's been a few months since my Laptop stopped working so I had a Cousin who is good at Computers/Games and I am so grateful for him starting it back up but this does tell me I do need a New Laptop so luckily I saved most of my Funnest & Important Files on my USB so that way when I can get a New Laptop I'll input my Saved Files so I can make Proper YouTube Videos again. I can't use ShareFactory all the time to Edit I mainly use ShareFactory for my Voice, Music, & Upload/Share. I use Windows Live Movie Maker, Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, & a Video Camera to make videos but as of late I've been improvising on ShareFactory from my PS4 to somehow still have my GXVL Charm. I think I will be back on my YouTube Channel & Twitter Page next week from my break.

Posted by GarciaXVLegend - February 14th, 2019

So for the 1st time ever I have a video on youTube that reached over 15 Thousand Views & gained 260 Subs which should sound like a Good Thing but damn it's only because some FUNImation Drama was selling so I just happened to talk about the Topic right on time without even realizing before hand. I only did 3 videos (from Start to Finish). I dropped the topic since Saturday but the FUNImation Drama was still growing because other people just got recently talking about it I bet (only a Wild Assumption) they are only doing it for Ad Revenue and Recognition. I only talked about it because I care about Production Value (such as Voice Acting) being put into my favorite shows. I feel bad for Vic (Broly VA) losing his job unfairly even though I wasn't on his side or on anyone's side for that matter ever since I went in deep on Friday. Who knows he was guilty or not because FUNImation didn't handle the situation the right way. Petitions, Hashtag Movements, & Boycotting won't bring him back. Also threatening & attacking Monica Rial, other VAs, including Fans/Fanboys (who happen to be YouTubers/Commentators) is not acceptable behavior nor is going to bring Vic back. I'm so glad I'm not part of the Anime/Dragon Ball Communities because now they are tearing eachother apart. I'm making this post because I now want this whole nonsense to end at some point. It's also bad timing for me that I started using FUNImationNow to watch 2 Anime I haven't seen before with the dub. The people can boycott if they want to but I won't be changing their mind and they shouldn't change my mind as well. I just want to enjoy One Piece & Yu Yu Hakusho to have a good time, simple as that. So if anyone is gonna call me a shill I'm not, it was just bad timing & I really don't like Ads/Commercials when I try to watch something. I record shows on my Living Room TV and get this I skip those Ads/Commercials. This has been GXVL leaving a post of how I feel.


Posted by GarciaXVLegend - November 5th, 2018

- I only accept Friend Requests from people that I know very closely or at least know of for a while.

- I don't FULLY trust everyone on the Internet unless my gut tells me they can be trusted at least 10 to 20% depending on their Morals & Mentality. 

- I am a Christian but I separate my Religion from the Internet because I find it unhealthy for me to abuse my Religious Beliefs on to strangers. I honestly don't have a problem with Lesbians/Gays & Atheists as long they are Decent or Good people. I only bring in my Religious Beliefs if it's relevant to a certain Topic/Subject & will try my best to handle it maturely as possible.

- I am at a certain point where cussing & insulting at strangers on the Internet is becoming pointless n' unhealthy for me. I will only cuss if I feel like it or not so I am making it minimum for me to cuss around the Internet. I only insult people because of their actions (I will even insult myself as well because of my own actions).

- Online Dating for me is totally not worth it considering the risks of interacting with Anonymous Underage Users that would put me in Jail/Prison. Also Long-distance Relationships suck.

- Asking for Personal Info and Emails is strictly off limits when it comes to Spam, Hackers, Stalkers, etc. I made 1 mistake when it came to that & completely learned my lesson. 

I suggest for everyone to do the same because it's called being cautious