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There are alot more of my own Drawings over at DeviantArt of course but also other Deviations that are not Artwork at all since Newgrounds doesn't allow certain Materialized Works to be posted here such as Wallpapers, Stamps, Literature, etc.

I even wrote a Fan-Fic Series of Miraculous if anyone is interested in, right now there is only 3 Chapters so of course I will still continue working on it. I don't know the limit myself but I am getting some ideas on how to make everything unfold.

Lastly, there are some reviews as well if people are interested in reading with a curious mind to agree, disagree, or have some sort of civil discussion. To checkout more reviews on Movies from yours truly go to Letterboxd https://letterboxd.com/gokuxvlegend/films/reviews/ it's not DeviantArt related but I'm gonna post only SOME TV Show Reviews on DeviantArt while doing my own Selective Reviews in Video Format on YouTube, emphasis on 'Selective' because there are going to be some Movies/TV Shows I would like, love, dislike, or despise with a passion to talk about.

I am also on Reddit ( https://letterboxd.com/gokuxvlegend/films/reviews/ ) & Pinterest ( https://www.pinterest.com/NoirGXVL/_saved/ ). On Reddit I mostly upvote & leave comments than posting my own thoughts to be honest but sometimes I will if I want to. As for Pinterest, I am making it my own Miraculous Home when it comes to saving/favoriting Miraculous Content than the likes of DeviantArt and/or other websites.

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